Bebe Vio Academy One Team - An identity to incite change 2021

We partnered with Nike and world champion paralympic fencer, Bebe Vio, to create an identity for her Academy; an inclusive program focused on Bebe’s vision - making sport accessible to all. This project was in collaboration with Nike for their ‘PassBack’ program, an initiative that partners with athletes in order to catalyse positive change.

Our concept ‘One Team’ is based upon the core values and virtues needed for a team to succeed - support, community and bravery. This was communicated in the crest-esque mark, with stacked, supporting, human-like figures, also doubling up as the ‘BVA’ characters. It was important though for the identity not only to embolden and galvanise youth with disabilities, but to provide a safe and accessible environment. We reflected this in the identity by reimagining the default symbol of disability by positioning our characters in the mark and icons as heroes and champions in their field.