Circular Expressions for Coach’s Sustainable Hub

The Task

Coachtopia, an innovative hub within Coach, is dedicated to advancing the fashion industry's transition towards a circular economy. Our mission in this collaborative lab was to develop a series of creative expressions that embody circular craft, creating a sustainable product ecosystem that foresees a brighter future for our planet.

The Idea

We aimed to design a visual universe that not only reflects an optimistic outlook on sustainability but also captivates with its beauty. Our creative vision sought to intertwine natural elements like rainbows, flowers, and trees with vibrant, youthful energy, manifested through distinctive and meticulously crafted typography.

The Outcome

The resulting visual identity for Coachtopia brought to life a captivating graphic world that seamlessly integrates the essence of nature with a lively, youthful vibrance. This vibrant graphic universe is consistently reflected across all products, from garments to bags, celebrating the fusion of natural beauty and innovative craft. The collection not only showcases the potential of sustainable fashion but also aims to serve as a beacon of optimism and innovation within the industry.

The Scope

Bespoke Typography, Illustration, Creative Direction, Art Direction

Creative Director
Production House
Hair Stylist
Nail Stylist