Rediscovering the Art of Leisure with Desmond & Dempsey

The Task

Desmond & Dempsey has become the go-to name for ‘fancy pajamas', celebrated for infusing effortless style and comfort into home attire. Amid their notable rise to success, co-founders Molly and Joel felt the brand was gradually losing touch with its creative roots, consequently making it challenging to communicate with their customers what D&D represents as a brand.

The Idea

Through our collaboration, we discovered two main aspects of D&D’s practice that made the brand so special: the craftsmanship behind the creation and the experience provided to their customers. This led us to establish 'The Studio' and 'The Sunday'—two distinct yet interconnected identities within D&D that encapsulate what the brand stands for, and convey its essence to their customers.

The Outcome

By intertwining these contrasting life-rooted elements, we enabled D&D to tell both sides of their story. This reimagined identity remained true to their spirit while allowing room for dynamism and growth—cementing Desmond & Dempsey as a true modern classic in a crowded landscape.

The Scope

Brand Strategy, Visual Identity, Art Direction, Bespoke Typography, Web Design

Creative Director
Design Lead
Art Director
Web Design
Motion Design