Transcending Streaming to Streetwear with Internet Made

The Task

Josh Zerker, renowned as a prominent figure in the Sidemen, sought to elevate his merchandising brand into a high-end streetwear line. The challenge was to reposition the brand to diminish its direct association with his streaming identity, thereby broadening its appeal to a larger audience and untethering it from the sidemen world. It was crucial, however, to retain the essence of the brand's origins to ensure that long-standing fans remained engaged and felt part of this evolutionary journey.

The Idea

Our strategy was centred on celebrating the brand's digital roots while transitioning its narrative. We aimed to intertwine the lexicon of internet culture with the transformative power of apparel, creating a brand identity that champions unbridled self-expression and limitless potential. This approach was inspired by Josh's own transformation from a streamer to a multifaceted entrepreneur, symbolising the boundless possibilities enabled by the digital world.

The Outcome

The brand evolved beyond a mere clothing line, becoming a dynamic hub for its unique collections and engaging digital content. Inspired by internet culture, our use of digital elements like interface designs and coding symbols allowed our designs to tap into the ongoing evolution of online communication. This approach challenged traditional streetwear norms, breaking away from conventional fashion boundaries. As a result, the Internet Made brand emerged as a leader in a new, transformative era of streetwear.

The Scope

Brand Strategy, Visual Identity, Art Direction, Bespoke Typography, Motion Identity, Web Design

Creative Director
Design Lead
Art Director
3D Designer
Motion Designer