Making media agency, Jungle, “cool again”

The Task

We partnered with Jungle Creations, an award-winning social media agency and publisher with a global community exceeding 147 million followers, to rejuvenate their brand under the directive: “Make Jungle cool again.” Our mission was to recapture the brand’s lost energy, streamline their offerings for clarity, and elevate Jungle to iconic status while maintaining a cohesive brand architecture.

The Idea

Our strategy highlighted Jungle’s creative autonomy and its pioneering spirit. We embraced the concept "A Space for What’s Next," envisioning Jungle as an expansive, dynamic environment ripe for innovation and experimentation with new talent and formats. This space was designed to foster ideas and provoke thought, asking “Why Not?”.

The Outcome

Our rebranding effort culminated in a system that epitomises Jungle’s spirit.” Represented by a dynamic “Tree-Leaf” marque that merges digital and organic aesthetics, it adapts seamlessly across contexts, symbolising Jungle's versatility and expansive approach. The versatile graphic language functions as a canvas, window, platform, and anchor, establishing Jungle as a frontier for social media creativity and interaction.

The Scope

Brand Strategy, Visual Identity, Art Direction, Bespoke Typography, Motion, 3D, Illustration, UI Design