An Academy Celebrating Overcoming Adversity for Marcus Rashford

The Task

In continuation of our partnership with Nike’s Passback Program, we were tasked with creating a new identity for the Play Forward program, spearheaded by international superstar Marcus Rashford. The initiative unites Nike's and Rashford’s shared vision for societal change, extending beyond the football pitch to support the UK's most vulnerable youth by providing them with communal spaces for sport and support.

The Idea

Our goal was to craft a visual identity that captures Rashford’s commitment to uplifting community-focused values. We aimed to represent the joy and connection between people and players, showcasing the sport as something that transcends its traditional boundaries. The brand identity was designed to highlight the communal and transformative power of football, making it more than just a game.

The Outcome

The brand celebrates overcoming adversity through an identity that symbolises unity in sport and community. The interconnected wordmark illustrates each character supporting the other, embodying strength in connection. The blend of sharp modern typography with candid analog scribbles reflects a dynamic contrast that captures the sport's energy and Marcus’ unique individuality. Enhanced by a double arrow motif, this identity not only signifies forward momentum but also deepens the communal bonds it aims to foster.

The Scope

Visual Identity, Art Direction, Bespoke Typography, Motion

Creative Direction