Realigning Mob with their Purpose

The Task

Mob, one of the UK's fastest-growing food media platforms, had outgrown its original identity and felt a disconnect from its core mission: to educate young people about 'food they'll actually cook.' Before revamping the visual identity, it was crucial for Mob to realign with a strategy that truly reflected their core values: people, food, and the moments these elements converge. In close collaboration with founder Ben Lebus, we revisited and refined Mob’s mission, vision, values, and voice, laying the groundwork for a significant creative transformation.

The Idea

The essence of Mob - what we call that special 'Mobness' - needed to resonate with both current and future followers while capturing the unique spirit that defines the brand. Our concept drew from the lively, sometimes messy dynamism of a dinner party among friends. We envisioned Mob as a gathering of diverse personalities—'the one with sauce on their shirt,' 'the one who always adds ketchup,' 'the one that gets political'—united under the banner of 'one Mob.'

The Outcome

This approach was crafted to capture the vibrancy and energy emerging when like-minded individuals and food come together. Inspired by this dynamic, we developed a core 'master-brand' resembling a communal table, serving as the central hub for a surrounding - dynamic yet cohesive - brand ecosystem, allowing for energetic yet unified brand expressions.

The Scope

Brand Strategy, Tone of Voice, Visual Identity, Illustration, Bespoke Typography, Art Direction, Motion