Mob One Mob - An identity for a brand bringing food and people together 2021

As one of the fastest growing food media platforms in the UK, Mob Kitchen had outgrown their inaugural identity and felt disconnected from their core purpose - educating the youth on food they’ll actually cook. From brand strategy and tone of voice, to visual identity and motion, we saw an opportunity to reinforce the connection with their audience and create a visual architecture that emboldens young people to get creative in the kitchen.

Before addressing the visual identity, Mob needed to resync with a strategy that reflected what was really important to them; people, food, and the moments in which these worlds intertwine. Working closely with founder Ben Lebus, we uncovered and redefined their mission, vision, values, and voice - setting the foundations for what was to become a major creative overhaul.

It was vital for us that Mob’s new identity not only resonated with its current and future audience, but exuded the essence which makes them so unique - that special ‘Mobness’. Akin to a dinner party with friends, our concept was based on the vibrancy, mess and energy created when like minded people + food come together. The one with sauce on their shirt, the one who always adds ketchup, the one that gets political - one Mob.