A Modular Identity for Modular Furniture

The Task

In collaboration with Kusheda Mensah, we set out to create an interchangeable visual identity for her renowned furniture design studio, Modular by Mensah. Known for interlocking modular furniture pieces, Mensah’s designs offer a playful yet thoughtful approach to functional living environments.

The Idea

Our design strategy needed to embody the concept of 'modularity', a central theme in Mensah’s work, while also drawing inspiration from her core design influences—the connection and closeness between humans and the human form itself. To achieve this, we planned to develop a graphic language that would visually interpret these themes, making the human connections as integral to the identity as the modular designs themselves.

The Outcome

We developed a distinctive logotype featuring glyph vowels that symbolise the human connections central to Mensah’s designs, bridging the modular consonants to reflect her focus on interpersonal connectivity. This concise yet impactful approach resulted in a dynamic, adaptable brand identity that merges the principles of modularity with human-centric values, elevating Modular by Mensah’s visual and conceptual presence.

The Scope

Visual Identity, Art Direction, Typography, Motion