Modular by Mensah Part of the Furniture - An interchangeable rebrand for Ghanaian designer Kusheda Mensah 2020

We teamed up with typographer Margot Levique and partnered with designer Kusheda Mensah, to create visual identity for her highly revered furniture design studio, Modular by Mensah. As the name would suggest, Mensah’s artistic remedy comes in the form of her interlocking modular pieces of furniture, providing a fun yet considered take on functional living environments.

It would be remiss if our concept for the core identity didn’t riff off Kusheda’s overarching focus for her furniture design, ‘Modularity’ but we also ensured the graphic language took heed from what inspired her as a designer; “the connection and closeness shared between humans, as well as the human form itself”. The set of glyph vowels in the logotype reflected this sentiment, acting as the ‘human’ connection between the modular consonants.