Moodelier Setting the Mood - Forming an identity for a first of its kind 2019

We collaborated with Moodelier, a new San Francisco based experiential design company helping brands elevate their visuals across both the physical and digital world. As a market first, Moodelier sells a range of immersive pieces as well as offers an accompanying set of courses, which guide their community to utilise their creative skills.

As a full top-to-bottom branding project, our visual concept was derived from the brand strategy and tone of voice, which set the core pillars of the identity. These pillars helped form two visual focal points; the first identifying Moodelier as the guide for their customers, helping them unleash their inner creative flair. This was reflected in the Logotype and Marque, which embody a guiding gesture with the M’s reaching flourish. The brand language and color palette draw on the second focal point; which identifies Moodelier as a vibrant immersive world, one can explore and get lost within.