Rejuvenating LGBTQIA+ Storytelling for Netflix

The Task

MOST, Netflix's channel dedicated to LGBTQIA+ storytelling, was set for a dynamic transformation. With an upcoming slate of exciting new programming, our objective was to rejuvenate the brand, strengthening its ties with talent, partners, and the queer audience.

The Idea

We wanted MOST to serve as a vibrant cultural beacon, championing LGBTQIA+ narratives and ensuring wide representation. Our strategy aimed to blend modern editorial trends with the rich legacy of queer media and community-building, with the goal for MOST to foster a space that celebrates, educates, and engages, positioning it as an essential guide through the queer community's storytelling journey.

The Outcome

The refresh combined contemporary motifs with historical elements, subtly integrating the full spectrum of the rainbow to boost its relevance and appeal to diverse audiences. This balanced approach incorporated Netflix’s native aesthetic, featuring a custom version of Netflix Sans, a distinct pride rainbow, a comprehensive motion language, and bespoke 3D emojis, all of which deeply resonated with MOST’s community and content.

The Scope

Visual Identity, Art Direction, Bespoke Typography, 3D, Motion

Creative Director
Design Lead
3D Designer
Art Director