Nike Dance Championing self expression as a means for change for Nike Dance 2022

It isn’t just their skills as athletes that make Dancers incredible. It’s the ability to use Dance as a platform to challenge, create and expand culture and the communities around them. The overarching concept for the campaign was to champion dance and self expression as a means to stand for what you believe in. The sentiment being a call to action to harness the power behind standing strong, taking up space and owning the floor.

To bring this idea to life, we heroed each protagonist on the floor they ‘own’ - showing them in the dance context they represent.

We combined two principles to translate this idea further into the creative - Expressive Movement & Graphic Narrative. 

The art direction dictated the ‘Expressive Movement’, showing each protagonist truly highlight their dance skills and athleticism through movement, expressing themselves in their own unique way.

This was layered with the Graphic Narrative, which drew on athlete insights using bespoke graphics to represent the ways in which each of them has made their voice heard and pushed the world forward.