Otherlands A World Of Its Own - Creating a uniquely sensory experience and visual identity

We partnered with the founders of FLY, one of Scotland’s most forward-thinking music events enterprises, to create a name, strategy and visual identity for a brand new music and arts festival. 

Amongst Scotland’s thriving festival scene, dance music tends to be the prevailing category, however, there is clear ‘white space’ when it comes to offerings of a more experiential nature. This is what FLY wanted to create - a festival for the ‘alternative’ listener to come and experience music and art, not just to listen and view it.

Our overarching creative concept was ‘Frisson’ - which is an old English word that means “a sudden strong feeling of excitement; a thrill”. Frisson has more recently been coined as a ‘state’ in which you are at one with an experience - such as your hairs standing on-end when listening to music. This concept was derived from the brand strategy and naming, which positioned the festival as an ethereal otherworldly experience that one could escape the mundanities of everyday life - ‘Otherlands’

The concept of ‘Frisson’ was actualised through the use of a bespoke crafted filter that provided a ‘goosebump’ esque energy for all photography and graphic language. This was then paired with a vibrant yet dreamlike colour palette, which created an Otherlands landscape for the brand to exist within. Finally the logotype and typography referenced tales of time-gone-by, with a contemporary yet blackletter aesthetic.