Positiva Music as Medicine - A refresh for a dance music veteran 2020

As one of the cornerstones of the UK dance scene, Positiva needed an identity that allowed them to exist in more worlds than the center-sticker of a vinyl record, whilst retaining the essence of their iconic brand. We sought to undergo a refresh that re-aligned their core values to a wide visual architecture, allowing them to connect with both long-lasting fans and new ones across all visual touchpoints.

Our concept, “Music as Medicine” took heed from the idea of music having healing properties, whilst riffing off Positiva’s famous pharma-esque ‘plus’ symbol. This was reflected in the redrawn minimalistic and medicinal take on their original logotype, including the ‘plus’ alongside as a visual motif, rather than the previous container shape. The visual language also took on a medicinal aesthetic, with paired back typography and a refreshed more vibrant take on their hallmark blue.