Empowering the next generation through sport for Rafa Nadal

The Task

Nike and the Rafa Nadal Foundation teamed up to launch Play All, an initiative designed to enhance confidence in kids and young adults in Barcelona through tennis, movement, and play. NARI was tasked with creating a visual identity for Play All that would reflect Rafa Nadal’s core values: Effort, Companionship, Sportsmanship, and Commitment.

The Idea

To embody these pillars, we developed a playful graphic language that not only celebrates the joy of movement but also highlights the individuality and optimism of the young participants. Our approach included the creation of a dynamic, evolving set of mascots. These mascots were designed to offer a near-infinite range of possibilities, ensuring that every child could feel seen and celebrated.

The Outcome

The visual identity for Play All successfully encapsulates the spirited essence of the initiative. The mascots, vibrant and adaptable, serve as a constant reminder of the values championed by Rafa Nadal. This identity not only resonates with the participants but also invigorates the program, making Play All a beacon of positive influence and engagement in the community.

The Scope

Visual Identity, Art Direction, Bespoke Typography, Motion