Rapha United Movement - Creating a Rapha Women's kit to celebrate 10 years of community 2022

Good rides and great vibes.

Working closely alongside Rapha’s creative team, we designed a complete cycling kit to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Rapha Women’s 100 Community. Embodying the spirit and unstoppably drive of the cycling sisterhood. 

Inspired by their unrivalled determination, we turned to the notion of play, people and participation, creating work that represented the unity of the community and marked the club with a uniform to be proud of.

Pedal, play and people.

To convey the coming together of a community, we led the kit’s creative with whimsical, intertwining moments of typography – creating an uplifting aesthetic that mirrors the 100 Community’s support for one another. Unapologetically expressive, the kit moves as the rider does, with energy, play and people at its very heart.