​​Creating a brand without boundaries for Snipfeed

The Task

Snipfeed reimagines the link-in-bio concept by transforming it into a powerful tool for economic empowerment, allowing creators to effortlessly monetise their content. Tasked with reflecting this innovation, our objective was to provide brand that could be translated into an easily accessible digital storefront that consolidates all of a creator's outputs into one unified platform, ensuring every creator, regardless of following size, can turn their passion into a profession.

The Idea

We envisioned Snipfeed not just as a tool, but as a gateway to greater opportunities. To capture this, we created an identity that transports users to 'The Universe of You'—an exuberant and aesthetically contrasting otherworldly realm that embodies the individuality at the heart of the brand. This realm is populated with the character and charisma that are instrumental to the platform.

The Outcome

The brand identity for Snipfeed is a playful fusion of 2D and 3D illustrations, diverse textures, and dynamic typography, creating a brand that is truly distinctive and reflective of Snipfeed’s eclectic community. This limitless identity is designed to take its users wherever they need to be, making Snipfeed a brand fundamentally without boundaries, where creators can showcase their unique talents and thrive.

The Scope

Brand Strategy, Visual Identity, Art Direction, Bespoke Typography, Motion, 3D, Illustration, UI Design

Creative Director
Design Lead
Art Director
  • Teti Martinez
  • Floriane Rousselot
3D Designer
  • Ali Rigby
  • River Cousin