Snipfeed Otherworldly economic empowerment - An aesthetic as transporting as the brand 2022

Passion turned profession

By providing an easily accessible digital storefront, Snipfeed puts all of a creator’s touchpoints (or snips) into one unified area. Ensuring that no matter the following, scale or scope, they’re here to turn passion into profession.

To infinity and beyond!

As Snipfeed acts as a portal to greater opportunity for its audience, so too does its identity transport you to something (and somewhere) else.

Through its exuberant and aesthetically-contrasting otherworldly realm, Snipfeed embodies the individuality at the brand’s core. Populating ‘The Universe of You’ with the character and charisma instrumental to the platform.

Playfully combining 2D and 3D illustrations, textures and type, the result is a brand that is truly distinct and representative of Snipfeed’s eclectic community. A brand, fundamentally, without limits. An identity that takes its users wherever they need to be.